Do you want to learn how to document and analyze complex crime scenes

using the latest in 3D technologies in 2 days?

In this 2 day (4 hours per day) course, you will understand how to perform bloodstain pattern analysis using 3D software programs like Faro Zone 3D. The course will focus  on documentation of bloodstain patterns, ways to use different 3D technologies to record the position of bloodstains, area of origin analysis as well as some advanced bloodstain analysis techniques such as cast-off stain analysis. The course is delivered completely ONLINE and in English only.


  • Understanding the laser scanner and settings

  • Taking photographs of bloodstain clusters

  • Image distortion and perspective  correction

  • Understanding image placement, scaling and alignment

  • Marking Ellipses in FARO Zone 3D

  • Errors and understanding Results

  • Working with CloudCompare

  • Area of Origin, Area of convergence

  • Cast-off patterns and Path Volume Envelope

  • Reporting  and Court Testimony

Date and Location: June 16th - 17th, 2020 - ONLINE

Time: 9:00 -13:00 EST (Toronto Time)

Cost:  COURSE $499 USD


Once payment is made, please send an email to and include the names and email addresses of the attendees you wish to register on the course 


Prerequisites: Participants should have previous knowledge of bloodstain pattern analysis method,s. 

Resources: Attendees will require a strong internet connection, camera and a laptop with FaroZone 3D and Faro Scene installed. You should have a computer mouse to work in 3D.

Certificate: Participants who successfully complete the course and all assigned exercises will be provided a course certificate

Instructors: Eugene Liscio, P. Eng.

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