Increased performance for billions of points!

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Product Features:

  • TeraScene Converter to optimize points clouds in .tera format

  • Import massive point clouds (more than a billion points!)

  • Visualize point clouds using RGB, Intensity and height ramp

  • Use the LimitBox to hide or animate section views

  • Delete points in the point cloud directly in 3ds Max

  • Use the spline extractor tool to create section outlines

  • Compatible with 3ds Max 2018-2020

Clouds2Max User Manual - for the PDF version of the User Manual, please click here.



Clouds2Max VX Trial Download - Version 1.47 Build 32

Free TeraScene Converter -  Version 1.01

Purchase Clouds2Max-VX for 3ds Max

Single User License - 1 PC only - $700 USD per license

Please note we have changed our licensing system so that we no longer allow for 2 computers per license. 

Single User Upgrade License - 1 PC Only - $300 USD per license

Please note that existing users wishing to upgrade must purchase individual licenses at a reduced price.  You will need to log into your license manager and provide your previous license code in order to receive the upgrade.  You will be allowed up to 2 upgrades for each older Clouds2Max license.