Course Objectives: Creating professional looking 2D drawings for trial is no easy task considering all the various sources of information and complexity of crash and crime scene scenarios.  Manual measurements, total stations, satellite images, photographs, photogrammetry, and laser scanners may all be sources of data that require simplification or presentation as 2D drawings. Thus, it is important to understand how a professional crime scene drawing should look like and what drawing elements must be included. This 2-day online course will provide attendees with the basic skills needed to create stunning 2D drawings and sketches in FARO Zone 3D.

Date and Location: June 23 - 24, 2020

ONLINE Delivery

Time: 8am-12pm (8 hours)

Cost:  $ 250.00 USD                                        Please include the names and email addresses of the attendees when making the payment

Prerequisites: This course is meant for beginners or intermediate users of FARO Zone 3D. Previous experience with mapping technologies such as the total station or laser scanner is beneficial. Experience with other mapping software is useful but not required.

Resources: Attendees will require a strong internet connection, laptop with audio and FARO Zone 3D installed.  In case that a trial license or demo key is required, please let us know.

Assignments: Attendees will be required to complete a number of assignments during the online class and submit these exercises to the instructors.  Additional exercises will be assigned after the class to be completed and handed in the following day.


Certificate: Participants who successfully complete the course and all assigned exercises will be provided a course certificate

Instructors: Eugene Liscio, P. Eng., Helen Guryn & Quan Le

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