The Bullet Trajectory App is a simple but powerful tool to calculate and report vertical and azimuth angles for shooting reconstructions where it is important to document bullet trajectories in 3D.  The plugin allows for a high degree of flexibility and adjustment while enabling the operator to immediately visualize the results on screen or as an automated Word report.


The Clouds2Max plugin allows users to import point clouds into 3ds Max and edit, analyze and render data over top of 3D models.  The viewport performance is dependent on the computer hardware being used and the quality of visual representation is top notch.  The most common import file formats are e57 and PTS.

The ELlipser App is a FREE plugin included in CloudCompare (open source cloud point editing and analysis software) and allows users to import images of bloodstains or bullet impacts so that they can draw an ellipse over top of the impact shape and subsequently get a quick readout of the calculated impact angle.  This plugin also converts pixels to point clouds and can be used to scale images and make calculations of area using a polygon tool.