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FPS 2023 photo contest rules

At the Forensic Photography Symposium, individuals will have an opportunity to participate in a Photo Contest. There will be a student contest for full time students and a professional contest for those working in the field.

Photography Contest Rules and Guidelines

  1. The photo must be based on forensic evidence, scene or application

  2. The photo must be the original work of the contest entrant.

  3. Only basic editing such as contrast, brightness and cropping is allowed.

  4. There will be both, a student and a professional winner.

  5. Participants may submit only ONE photo.

  6. Submissions are due by Wednesday January 18, 2023

  7. Voting will be done through Zoom polling on Thursday January 20, 2022

  8. Entries from past conferences may not be resubmitted.

  9. Any subject matter may be used for the Forensic category (crime scene and evidentiary).

  10. Photographs may be in color or black and white.

  11. Entries must be submitted to with the subject line: "Student Photo Contest" or "Professional Photo Contest". (Please keep file size under 10Mb or provide a link to download).

  12. Winners will be announced on Thursday January 19, 2023

  13. Late submissions or submissions that are not in compliance will not be judged.

professional photo contest entries