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ai2-3D Forensics is a company dedicated to sharing knowledge and educating forensic investigators on how to utilize 3D technologies in their investigations.  We offer several different courses on laser scanning, photogrammetry, 3D reconstruction, and other topics.

FARO Laser Scanner Training

Basic, Advanced and Forensic Topic Specific

This five-day course is designed for participants to become familiar with the FARO scanner and associated FARO SCENE software. Participants will learn the basic theory and setup behind the technology of the laser scanner. The theory and use of both artificial and natural targets, and their placement/recognition will be discussed and implemented.

At the end of the course, participants will be expected to understand the differences between setting up scan positions for different types of scenes (indoor vs. outdoor) and implementing various registration methods. Attendees will learn how to import scans into SCENE software for processing and registration exercises. Participants will learn how to troubleshoot and reduce errors for different kinds of registration.

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Shooting Scene Documentation - 2 Day

The goal of the course is for attendees to understand what shooting documentation methods are best to choose in any one situation and what methods are easily deployed or at their disposal. Various methods including the laser scanner and digital camera with basic tools will be covered. There are other techniques which include digital ellipse fitting and “virtual scans” which will be demonstrated.Evidence such as single bullet impacts, cartridge cases, shotgun pellet patterns and impacts on glass will all be considered. Attendees will walk away from the course with some extra tools to assist with good trajectory documentation.

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FARO Zone 3D - 3 Day Basic Course

This course is designed to introduce participants to the FARO Zone 3D (FZ3D) software package. FZ3D is FARO’s newest software designed for forensic professionals. This course will cover basic 2D and 3D mapping and modeling of crime scenes, the creation of simple animations as well as the utilization of point cloud data in the creation of simple deliverables and reconstructions.

Upcoming Training:

Feb 10th - 12th, 2020 in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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Photogrammetry for Crime Scene Documentation

Photogrammetry is one of the most underutilized technologies at a crime scene.  The use of a digital camera alone can lock away 3D evidence and measurements for future use.  This course is designed to familiarize Crime Scene Investigators on how to use their digital camera as a 3D documentation device. The course will cover various software packages such as PhotoModeler, PhotoScan, 3DF Zephyr and even freely available software for creation of 3D models of evidence as well as crime and crash scenes.

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