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ai2-3D Forensics

Discover Our Expertise

Evidence & Scene Documentation

Being able to record evidence and scenes digitally, using state of the art 3D technologies allows for many kinds of analysis and visualization that would be otherwise impossible.  Laser Scanning, Total Station Mapping, Structured Light Scanning and Photogrammetry are some of the technologies used in our case work.

3D Reconstructions

Assembling the digital pieces of evidence together to reconstruct and then examine a crime scene allows for a new perspective on evidence.  Different scenarios can be tested to include, exclude or prove that an event may have happened a certain way.


With years of experience, we offer training to agencies globally in areas such as Forensic Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry, FARO Zone 3D , iNPUT-ACE...etc.  Check out our Training Page for more information.


The Bullet Trajectory App is a plugin for FARO Scene software that allows users to take accurate 3D measurements of bullet trajectory rods and obtain an automated report on the trajectory angles. We also offer Clouds2Max, which is a plugin for Autodesk's 3ds Max that allows the import of large point clouds, Check out our Plugins Page for more information.

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