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Bullet Trajectory App for FARO Scene

The Bullet Trajectory App is a simple but powerful tool to calculate and report vertical and azimuth angles for shooting reconstructions where it is important to document bullet trajectories in 3D.  The plugin allows for a high degree of flexibility and adjustment while enabling the operator to immediately visualize the results on screen or as an automated Word report.

Features Include:

Draw trajectories based on points or trajectory spheres

Add error cones for each respective trajectory to indicate possible deviation

Adjust color and transparency for optimum visualization

Add a compass with adjustable size, position and orientation

Edit and adjust the trajectories and error cones for the most precise positioning

Automatically generate reports for each trajectory and error cone in Word format

Automatically embed screen captures into reports

All objects created with the Bullet Trajectory App are renderable with the Video Pro App.

If you are interested in this product, please contact us.

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