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Clouds2Max was the brainchild of Eugene Liscio  and David Dustin and was created to provide a cost effective,  easy method for importing, editing and rendering point clouds into the 3ds Max environment.

Features Include:

Import of point clouds into 3ds Max

Combine multiple point clouds in one environment

Create your 3d environment from the laser scan data directly in the 3ds Max interface

Use the scan as it is, placing additional objects into the scan

Animate vehicles, characters or other relative items

Support for Max 2011-2014 (2015 coming soon)

Use multiple limit boxes

Create splines based on point cloud geometry using the Editbox

Delete points using the Editbox

Fast, tactile environment

Supported formats include .pts and the new e57 standard

Exporting to c2m and pts formats

Files are imported and converted to a binary format to load quickly

Different visualization modes including intensity and height ramp

Rendering modes include Scanline and Mental Ray

The view port can support up to 100 million visible points (hardware dependent)

Multiple Limitboxes are supported, allowing for exceptional resource management

Render with shadows

A new network render version called C2M-NR is now available for purchase

If you are interested in this product, please contact us.